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Hello!  I'm Jillian, I help people grow digital communities.
I'm a dreamer and a creative at heart.  I love to be outdoors, and love recharging myself in nature.  I grew up a citizen of the world, moving all around and experiencing different cultures.  After graduating from the University of Colorado in Boulder I found myself drawn to the ski town life.  Fast forward a few... okay quite a few... years and I'm still happily living the mountain life with my family.


I've worked in digital community management for a decade, from when it was relatively unheard of to now when it is just mostly unheard of.  "internet stuff" is how I explain my profession to many people.  The truth is, the profession is still very much the wild west and in its' infancy.  I've been lucky enough to be a part of the explosive growth of curated community experiences and I am here to help you build your perfect space.  In my career I have done everything from launching, scaling, pivoting, and fine-tuning communities large and small.


I am passionate about helping small business owners and organizations for good build meaningful community experiences.



I cohost the Community Experience Podcast, produced by SPI Media.  See you every Tuesday to hear from community builders around the world who are bringing people together in meaningful ways.



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